Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dry Brushing - Coffee Table Makeover

 Today I will show you my work made with the use of technique of painting a variety of surfaces which are not only wooden but also made of iron, metal or even canvas. The technique is called DRY BRUSHING. 

 Having experienced it myself, I know that the effect got with the usage of this method depends on the amount of paint which is put on the surface, a type of brush as well as the colour of outer or primer paint. Generally, thin, narrow brushes are out of the question. You should also know that after finishing the process of painting, the work will be covered with wax or varnish which will brighten the final effect. 
Therefore, it is sometimes better to paint the surface more greatly in order to reach the intensive look of an old, used piece of furniture with the features of an antique masterpiece. 

Dry brushing is a method of putting paint on the surface with almost dry brush.

We can use acrylic or water based paints. Sadly, I haven’t got any experience with the oils because of the onerousness of washing the brush with special degreasing agents.

I’m often so excited because of a new project that I’m lost to the world therefore I couldn’t take the picture before starting the work.

A whole table was covered with a very dark paint and it was greatly varnished. The process of removing the paint lasted a few hours. However, thanks to it I uncovered the real structure of the wood.
I’ve used antique pine, water based stain as a base coat. Dry brushing was firstly made with white acrylic paint. Then, I’ve added beige and green. 

The whole work was covered with matt acrylic varnish.

The final effect is presented here:

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  1. Hi Selena, this is beautiful!! it is nice that you have been able to salvage your pics and content on the blog. Love the inspiration you provide!!
    Hugs from India

  2. Selena, I have a question, Do special decoupage paper give better results than napkins? appreciate if you could answer that for me.

  3. Hi Suman. I do prefer decoupage paper more than paper napkin. You can find some information about special paper for decoupage here.

  4. Hej Nominowałam Cię do Liebster Blog Award! Zapraszam do zabawy!

  5. Thanks Selena for your reply, the links are so useful, thanks again!!

  6. Lovely work, such finesse and perfection :)


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